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Raising Love Consciousness


The original single volume of Raising Love Consciousness: Together We CAN Change the World  has now been divided into three separate books.

 What Is Love and the Rise of Feminine-Energy:

Raising Love Consciousness ~ Book 1

NOW Available on Amazon  go to   https://tinyurl.com/RLC-Bk1


#MeToo & Empowered Women; High-School Students saying “enough is enough”; Masculine-Energy in its death-throes—all these issues and so much more are covered in What is Love and the Rise of Feminine-Energy.

The underpinning aim of Book 1 is to explain what’s happening in our world today, and based on the quantum physics theory of field or global consciousness, why the rise in feminine-energy is happening at this particular time. You’ll then find out how men and women alike can best harness that positive feminine-energy for a more peaceful, understanding, and “loving” world.

To that end you’ll also discover there’s more to love than just the warm-fuzzies. In fact the characteristics of positive feminine-energy are the same as the sort of love the ancient masters, philosophers, and visionaries spoke of and modern-day spiritual writers like the Dalai Lama teach. And it’s living that sort of a loving life that’s the same as living an ethical life. As such whether you want to live a more loving life or a more ethical life and see a more loving world or a more ethical world, the actions are the same.

So the concerns and confusion many men might feel at this time are also addressed. And at the end of a brief overview of the history of feminism, I make a point of explaining that feminism in the 21st century needs to be about full equality. Not a reversal of male domination to female domination.

Book 1 also provides a foundation for Book 2.

Together, We CAN Change the World:

Raising Love Consciousness ~ Book 2

NOW Available on Amazon – Go to https://tinyurl.com/RLC-Bk2

Book 2—Together, We CAN Change the World, was designed as a handbook for people who want to make a difference. It’s actually a workshop in book form in which I accompany you up the “love consciousness” staircase, which is a six-step love-in-action process that takes emotional intelligence to a whole new level by raising your love consciousness. This will ensure you’ll have the necessary tools for your change-the-world toolbox and the skills to live a genuinely loving life within your family, your community, and the world at large. As a result you’ll be able to join with others in making love-in-action, which is the same as ethics-in-action, the foundation for major global change, if you so choose.

At this time the universe, with its cosmic energy is doing its part. It’s now up to each and every one of us here on Earth to do our part to help it out in the physical world, as I’m sure you’d agree.

Your Journey of Self-Discovery:

Raising Love Consciousness ~ Book 3

Due out mid-April 2018

Sometimes before we can work together to change the World, we might need to change our own personal world first. So Book 3 is actually a companion to Book 2, which greatly expands the insights found in Book 2: Chapter 7—Your Relationship with Yourself—Steps 1, 2, and 3 of the love consciousness staircase. Book 3 is your special personal growth workshop where I guide you through the process of developing a loving relationship with yourself. During that journey, with the aid of stories, real-life examples, and plenty of activities and exercises, you’ll discover key insights into who you REALLY are and why you do what you do, together with activities to assist you in overcoming any limiting beliefs that might have been challenging you. Many of the insights you’ll discover here are rarely presented in growth workshops.

Kashonia’s Story

Kashonia Carnegie PhD

Sustainability Ethicist, Philosopher, & Leadership Coach

I’ve lived a very colourful life, both personally and professionally. And although I’ve worked and travelled extensively overseas, I was born and have lived my entire life in Australia.

In my 20s, I raised day old calves on a little farm in Central New South Wales; set up and ran several small businesses; and lived under the stars with my two dogs, Freddie and Samson, in Australia’s harsh Outback where I caught wild donkeys and trucked them to sanctuaries in Brisbane to prevent them from being shot as vermin.

Following a move to Melbourne, which was a major culture shock, I was appointed Australia’s first female oil company representative where my duties were those of a business coach long before the term “business coach” was ever even thought of.

It was during my 30s that I had yet another major career change spending the next 14 years working in the media primarily as a talk-back radio broadcaster. And in 1988, I won the radio industry’s Pater award for the best voice on Australian radio.

However while I was at Melbourne’s radio 3AW, despite having left school in 9th grade at the age of 15, the opportunity arrived to do some special entry exams for a mature-aged placement as a 1st year undergraduate university student. This was the start of a decade plus of academic studies which resulted in the completion of five university degrees including a PhD. Some people collect stamps. I collected university degrees.

My majors were in the fields of Moral Philosophy, Peace Studies, Environmental Philosophy, philosophy-based Applied Ethics, Environmental Management, and Environmental Education. My post-graduate Honours degree and two Masters degrees were done concurrently. And my PhD was a multi-disciplinary thesis/dissertation called Heart-Centred Virtue Ethics: Raising Ecological Consciousness in Organisations, focusing on virtue-based sustainability ethics.

I then taught ethics, leadership skills, and change management for the MBA programs at a couple of leading universities in Australia and their off-shore campuses in Hong Kong and Singapore. During that time I also spent a couple of years delivering an Ecotourism Interpretation workshop that I designed for the Singapore National Parks Board which was held in the various National Parks in Singapore. And as many of my classes were held in the open, my “students” often included the macaque monkeys who joined in while watching intently from the trees above.

Woven throughout all of my media and university work were extensive academic and independent studies in areas such as spirituality, religious studies, quantum theory, new science, positive psychology, coaching psychology, neuroscience, and behavioural science including Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming); together with a range of different work activities as a leadership coach,  corporate trainer, speaker, and sessional mediator/conciliator for the Department of Justice in the Australian states of Victoria and Queensland.

My greatest passion has always been to elicit the magic in others that enables them to manifest boundaryless possibilities.


Yes, I will add blog posts in the future, but not for a while. My posts will be extra comments that I would have added to the book if I’d still been writing it.  So stay tuned.



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