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Raising Love Consciousness: Together, We CAN Change the World

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The Image

As the moon is a symbol of the feminine, the rising moon signifies the current rising of cosmic feminine energy, with the tree indicative of the resulting potential for growth here on our planet, Earth.

Free 2009-2011 Interviews

The Interviews I mentioned in the book will be available shortly. Just drop me a note -see contact details below – so I can let you know when they are available. I’ll have a contact form up in a few days


About-Raising Love Consciousness

Raising Love Consciousness:


We CAN Change the World

Raising Love Consciousness: Together We CAN Change the World  has now been divided into three separate books.

 What Is Love & Why It Matters: Raising Love Consciousness ~ Book 1

Book 1 talks about the current rise in feminine-energy and answers the questions What is Love and also What is Consciousness


Together, We CAN Change the World: Raising Love Consciousness ~ Book 2

At this very special time on our planet, Book 2 is a workshop in book form ensuring you’ll have the necessary skills to live a genuinely loving life within your family, your community, and the world at large. With these skills you’ll be able to make love-in-action/ethics-in-action the foundation for major global change.

Your Journey of Self-Discovery: Raising Love Consciousness ~ Book 3

Book 3, is your personal development course guiding you through the process of developing a loving relationship with yourself, together with activities to overcome any limiting beliefs you might have.

All three titles will be available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle in mid-January, 2018. You can search for them individually by title, or just by searching for my name, Kashonia Carnegie.

Kashonia’s Story

I’ve lived a very colourful life, both personally and professionally.

In my 20s, I lived under the stars and caught wild donkeys in Australia’s harsh Outback; was Australia’s first female oil company representative; and set-up and ran a couple of small businesses.

From my early 30s, I spent 14 years working in the media, primarily as a talk-back radio broadcaster, before beginning my academic journey which resulted in the completion of five university degrees including a PhD.

My multi-disciplinary doctoral dissertation/thesis was titled: Heart-Centred Virtue Ethics: Raising Ecological Consciousness in Organisations. I then taught ethics, leadership, and change management for the MBA programs at a couple of leading universities in Australia and their off-shore campuses in Hong Kong and Singapore.  During that time, I also spent a couple of years delivering an Ecotourism Interpretation workshop that I designed for the Singapore National Parks Board.

Woven throughout all of my media work and university studies, were extensive academic and independent studies in areas such as spirituality, religious studies, quantum theory, new science, positive psychology, coaching psychology, neuroscience, and behavioural science including Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming); together with a range of different work activities as a leadership coach,  corporate trainer, speaker, and sessional mediator/conciliator for the Department of Justice in both Victoria and Queensland.

My greatest passion has always been to elicit the magic in others that enables them to manifest boundaryless possibilities.


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