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If you’ve been following my work for some years you might remember my Raising Love Consciousness teleseminars.  Well, I’ve now written a very special book called Raising Love Consciousness.

Inspired in part by my Doctoral Dissertation, Heart-Centred Virtue Ethics: Raising Ecological Consciousness (2000), my latest book, Raising Love Consciousness, which is due out early 2017, takes emotional intelligence to a whole new level.  Filled with thought-provoking, life-changing activities, it focuses on love-as-a-virtue, and takes you step-by-step from a journey of personal discovery to genuinely (love-as-a-virtue) loving actions on all levels.

And as living a loving life will start and fill your life with happiness, my associated workshop Creating Happiness Today, will now be released at the same time as Raising Love Consciousness in the first half of 2017.