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Raising Love Consciousness:


We CAN Change the World

Raising Love Consciousness: Together We CAN Change the World  has now been divided into three separate books.

 What Is Love & Why It Matters: Raising Love Consciousness ~ Book 1

Book 1 talks about the current rise in feminine-energy and answers the questions What is Love and also What is Consciousness


Together, We CAN Change the World: Raising Love Consciousness ~ Book 2

At this very special time on our planet, Book 2 is a workshop in book form ensuring you’ll have the necessary skills to live a genuinely loving life within your family, your community, and the world at large. With these skills you’ll be able to make love-in-action/ethics-in-action the foundation for major global change.

Your Journey of Self-Discovery: Raising Love Consciousness ~ Book 3

Book 3, is your personal development course guiding you through the process of developing a loving relationship with yourself, together with activities to overcome any limiting beliefs you might have.

All three titles will be available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle in mid-January, 2018. You can search for them individually by title, or just by searching for my name, Kashonia Carnegie.